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How to make vistiors convert after they visited the website

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i have a jewelry online and i understand that a a person wont buy from one second to another so i would need to use the re-marketing feature what would be the best way to set it up in thought of customers who are looking to buy some jewelry and they will return from the re-marketing to the website?



Re: How to make vistiors convert after they visited the website

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Hello David B,


If you have a remarketing audience made with the AdWords tag, which you can use for remarketing in a Search campaign ( must have over 1000 members in the list) , you can add that list under the "Audiences" tab . That list usually should be a custom combination between "all visitors" minus "people who visited the Thank you page" to avoid remarketing for those who already purchased.


Then in short : select "Bid" instead of "Target and bid" and put a bid adjustment such as "Increase by = 30% " in order to allow your keyword bids to be raised just when a keyword matches what a previous visitor is searching.


You can find more details here :


If you are asking about Display Remarketing pick a topic from this list :


If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to answer.