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How to keep paid Clients from seeing Remarketing after 2 months

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Hi AdWords community,

I'm Yoav Vilner and I have a question about advanced remarketing.


We are at and we have a PPC client with a major remarketing campaign.


The issue is that the remarketing copywriting discusses a certain discount for their product, and REGISTERED/PAYING users start seeing these remarketing ads after 30-60 days all over again. (after the cookie lifetime was over)



We want to keep them from seeing those remarketing banners forever, and i know about the solution of changing URLS at the dashboard of paying users/free users...


But we are looking for something more within the code level other than changing URLs.


Any thoughts?


Yoav Vilner

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Re: How to keep paid Clients from seeing Remarketing after 2 months

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What is your current setup ?

- You have an audience created for the "already converted" visitors , who accessed the "Thank you" pages, let's call it "audience C" and

- you have excluded this audience from a remarketing ad group in a "Display Network only" campaign , to allow only non-converted visitors to be targeted through remarketing and

- Your "Audience C" has a duration of 60 days ?


In this case you can create a new audience in Google analytics with a new duration of 540 days ( the maximum allowed) and this way the remarketing cookie for the converted visitors has a longer duration for exclusion.

Re: How to keep paid Clients from seeing Remarketing after 2 months

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Hi Yoav, as Adrian has said, the simple answer is to ensure your excluded list has a longer life than your inclusion list - potentially up to 540 days.  However, 540 days is only 18 months and it could be that your customers will be with you longer than this.


To ensure your paying/registered customers never see these special sign-up offers you'll need to ensure they remain forever in your exclusion list.  There's no way to do this by a setting, but you create some additional conditions that add people to this list.  For example, if your exclusion list is at the moment simply people who have successfully signed-up, you could also include anyone who visits behind a member's login, or who visits the site from a link in an email only sent to members and so on.  In this way, your signed up members have at least a chance to remain on the excluded list indefinitely.



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