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How to calculate How much budget we have invest for Campains ?

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1)  If the Conversion Rate for the campaign is 4.5%, how many clicks do you need to achieve in order to meet your bookings target amount 771428 ?


2)  The average cost per click (CPC) for the campaign is £1.85, and your Click Though Rate (CTR) is 5.5%, how much budget do I need for the month to meet my margin target 162000?




Re: How to calculate How much budget we have invest for Campains ?

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1) I'm considering 771428 is toal monthly budget, so in oder to get idea how many clicks it will take to consume given amount, check the avg CPC of keywords at campaign level, this give us an idea how much clicks you can get for your budget.



2) I could not understand your second question, if you want to know how much profit you will get from adwords, then check the actual price of product, Lets say it's $100 and you get a profit of 20$ on that product and adwords cost per conversion for product is $10, so profit from adwords is $10 for that product.


Please correct me, if I'm wrong.



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