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How to block repeated clicks

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Hi Everyone. Thank you for welcoming me.


I am wondering why Google Adwords do not have a system for blocking repeated clicks (or maybe they do and I have not been able to find it)

I use Adwords for my ecommerce site, and constantly see certain users visiting the site through ads (especially through search network) sometime 10-20 times in a day, and typically these are the visitors who do not end up purchasing anything. 


I cant be alone in wanting the option to automatically block an IP from seeing ads once they have clicked on that particular ad twice within that day, for example. 


I am aware that we can manually block an IP address, but I cannot constantly watch the traffic counting clicks and blocking IPs all day.


I feel a system would benefit everyone that uses Google Adwords


Kind Regards,



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Re: How to block repeated clicks

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Hi Felipe,

Yes, there is a system to block invalid users/bots that are clicking your ads with an intention of finishing up your budget. But as you said there are users who are coming on the site for checking out stuff and then leaves without buying, its a common thing in an ecommerce site. They are real customers who are still making up their mind on the product they want to buy so no there is no system to block them as they aren't fake users. However, if you think there users are coming from a specific targeting that you have in place then i would suggest revisiting your targeting. Check the keywords/search queries that aren't profitable to you in terms of ROI and then exclude them.

Hope this helps.

Rohit Khanna

Re: How to block repeated clicks

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Hi @Felipe F as @Rohit Khanna has said, you need to be quite careful when trying to block repeat clicks as they could be entirely valid and, depending upon the nature of the ecommerce site, a quite normal behaviour for real users.  


Most people will shop around when buying online and this will often mean carrying out the same search time and time again.  By blocking your Ads to these users once they have clicked once, you could actually be reducing your chances of conversions substantially.  The other problem with blocking IPs is that those IPs are probably dynamically allocated so, after a period of time (maybe only a day or so) you'd no longer be blocking the individual you wanted to, but would also be blocking a new customer who may be intent on buying.


Having said this, 10-20 times in a day sounds like quite a lot.  What do you see in terms of Invalid Click activity and refunds in your Billing?



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How to block repeated clicks

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Hi Filipe,


Perhaps you can register to a "click fraud detection" service like this company: