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How to add Location for specific keyword in my Ad Words Campaign?

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I have add location and radius to my ad words campaing but i need to add location for one specific keyword

I want my keyword to be visible from specific City in my country.

Is it that possible because i cannot see option to add location to specific keyword in my ad group

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Re: How to add Location for specific keyword in my Ad Words Campaign?

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If I got you right, you could add a location name as part of the keywords (e.g "flower delivery in XXX")

However. If you geo-target by radius/ map - this is a redundancy. I would recommend this only if it is a small town, that you cannot target by setting a radius. (In some countries, though you can draw a radius on the map; in practice, it is not fully functional, and you cannot target by city level, but only by a larger area / region).


what country are you targeting?

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Re: How to add Location for specific keyword in my Ad Words Campaign?

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Hi there and welcome!


The way to be able to set something like this up is to start a new Campaign with local targeting based on city name and/or zip code + radius. I would only do something like this if you expect a decent number of searches for this specific area.


If you don't expect a high number of searches, I would start a new Ad Group targeting either phrase or exact match using the city name in the keywords. You might also try the + targeting option. (Example: Flowers +City name) But I don't have enough experience in this targeting method.


Good luck!