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How to Re-Setup Adwords Account - Agency Perspective

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Hi Guys, 


I hope this is in the right section, I'm hoping some of you more advanced individuals can shed some light..


Apologies if this gets confusing.. 


We have been running our Adwords Account for a number of years now and was setup by an ex employee, and over the years we have expanded and added new clients and client managers via the same way.


Our problem now is we would like to tidy up the account "user" / "client" structure, at the moment we have users "piggybacking" on other users access as we previously had problems granting users access.


ie;  (Jim has access to all the clients, but bob logs in (with his own MCC details) and picks up the clients via linking through Jim's account (original invite came from Jim allowing this) (111-222-333)

-> (222-333-444)

 -> -> Client 1 (123-456-789)

 -> -> Client 2 (987-654-321)




What we would like to know, is how we can set up one master "Agency" type account with all the clients linked within it, then all the users linked to the "Agency" account with the option to assign users to one or more clients?


from looking at the doc's online it doesn't really give guidance from that "agency" type perspective..




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Re: How to Re-Setup Adwords Account - Agency Perspective

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Hi Richard,


I'd suggest creating sub MCCs under the master, based on account managers and accounts they work on. This would allow multiple managers having access to multiple accounts, creating a structure like this. As you already have accounts, you can use the 'Arrange Accounts' option available in the master MCC.


Feel free to write back, if you have questions :

Hope that helps!


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: How to Re-Setup Adwords Account - Agency Perspective

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Hi @Richard H unfortunately, MCC access is always full so if someone has access to an MCC they automatically have full access to all the Accounts in that MCC.


In theory you can link an Account to multiple MCC owners so you could have an MCC for Jim and one for Bob, which reside beneath your company "master" MCC and Jim and Bob could both have access to the same Account (and, of course, Jim could access some Bob can't see and vice versa).  I say "in theory" as you're supposed to be able to link an individual Account to up to 5 MCCs, but in practice I've found problems linking to more than 2 or 3.


Another option would be to work in teams and have an MCC for each team beneath your master, then Accounts split by team.


Moving Accounts around inside an MCC structure is simple and immediate so that's good news at least.



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Re: How to Re-Setup Adwords Account - Agency Perspective

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Hi Jon,

Thanks again for your help..

I think we are going to look down the route of "Teams" or something similar.

Kind Regards,