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How to Create Automated Rule for Ad within Video Campaign

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How do you create a rule that affects one video ad within a campaign?  I wanted to set the budget for my video ad to $x and my budget for my non-video display ad to $y.  I have no problem doing the latter but am having trouble doing the former.

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Re: How to Create Automated Rule for Ad within Video Campaign

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Hi dreamerdad1012,


Welcome to the forum.


I'm not real familiar with video ads. If they act like other ad groups, you will not be able to use rules to set budget separately for 2 ads in the same ad group. Budget is set at the campaign level. You might need to create separate campaigns to accomplish this.


Best of Luck




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: How to Create Automated Rule for Ad within Video Campaign

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Hello Pete and Dreamerdad1012,


I wanted to add my insight into this question. Peterbardo is correct in that budgets are set at the campaign level and you will not be able to apply a budget to a specific ad. However, I do want to explain the closest feature within AdWords that can accomplish this goal. 


First, I want to mention that automated rules currently do not exist in AdWords for Video campaigns. However, you can indeed apply automated rules to video ads which exist in regular AdWords campaigns. With automated rules, you can create a rule to pause a specific ad when the cost is greater than a certain amount. Below are instructions on how to do this:


1. Select the ad you wish to create the automated rule for

2. Click on the Automate drop down button

3. Choose 'Pause Ads When'

4. For Requirements, you will choose Cost > X


I want to mention that this rule will not reset everyday. If you want to apply a true budget to a specific ad, then you are going to want to take Petebardo's advice and create a separate campaign for this video ad and apply your desired daily budget. 


I hope this helps!


Neil M