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How many hits will a limited budget of $25.00 get us?

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How many hits will a limited budget of $25.00 get us? And what are the best settings for the most hits in manage adds on that budget? We are confused about the bidding and budget part. What the best settings are.

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Re: How many hits will a limited budget of $25.00 get us?

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There are a number of factors that will determine this... here are a few:


1. the competition for your keyowrds

2. your competitior's bids

3. the quality scores fo your keywords - go to your keywords report and go to cusotmize columns - add the quality score to your report  this is not active by default


The above all work in conjunction with one another - the higher your bid the more likely you are to get cicks - but the more they will cost you.


There is another factor to consider - and that is that when you run the ROI numbers the cost per click is one opf the less important factors - what really counts is the cost per conversion.


Often your cost per conversion can decrease with raised bids - whilst this seem illogical it is because in general terms an ad in ahigher position gives a better click - better in terms of how likely that visitor is to convert into a client.


The bottom line answer is that there is no answer - it's the length of a piece of string.


The only way to answer the question is through testing - Start with a number and test - move the bids up and down manually or be guided by the recommendations that Google provide (click on the little icon below the bid price)


and use the experients to increase or decrease a proportion of your bids and cjheck the reports.


Quite soon you will have a good idea of where your ads will apear (asd position) and the likelihood that a searcher will click  on your ads (click through rate). Be sure that you have set up some conversion so that you can make decisions as to how effective your bid changes have been in terms of achieving your goals - and once you have a baseline you can look to improve... and the best way to do this is to wokr on your keyword quality scores - so keep a close eye on those.