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How do i get to my other campaign,It keeps taking me to an old one .

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I recieved a promo code for ad words & it keeps taking me to my old campiagn that i dont use anymore.I have my customer ID for the one i want to use but just do not know how to get there.

Re: How do i get to my other campaign,It keeps taking me to an old one

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it sounds like you probably have forgotten your email address and login details for the new account?


As a note, unless you're an agency managing multiple accounts for clients, you really shouldn't have more than one account at any one time, and you should create a new account for the same business (I don't think) just so that you can use the introductory coupon.


If I am a million miles off the mark I apologise. If I'm right about the first part, you'll need to do the 'forgotten password' thing to access your other account.


If I am completely wrong and you are talking about 2 campaigns within 1 account, and you just can't see the second campaign, you probably just need to select the drop down list option for 'All' under the campaigns tab to show deleted and paused campaigns.


Does that help?


Jack Porter-Smith
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