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How do I know which of my products have sold via an AdWords campaign?

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Hi, I've been looking after my company's AdWords account for the last couple of months and I'm still a little confused over one thing - the conversions are tracked when a person enters our website via one of our adverts and then ends up on the "Thank you for your order" page, but how do I know what they have bought? I asked someone at Google and she just said that we can't.


I'm trying to work out the return on investment and the problem is that our product range is so wide we have products with a £0.50 profit margin and others with a £120 profit margin. It's all well and good if I have a cost/conv of £6.50 if we make the £120 margin for example, but if the customer is clicking on an advert for that £120 prof marg. product but then buys something with the 50p P/M then we'll actually have lost £6.00. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: How do I know which of my products have sold via an AdWords campai

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It seems you have 2 questions What? and How much?

If that is correct assumptions then here are answers

  • If you want to know what product you have sold then you will need to have google analytics ecom tracking configured on your account. This will also take care of How much.
  • If you just want to know your revenue then you can configure adwords revenue tracking, to achieve this refer to this article and section called "Track transaction-specific values"

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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