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How do I control what is shown in my Enhanced Sitelinks?

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I'd like to have greater control on what is displayed in my enhanced sitelinks.


I currently have a Pharma client, who has enhanced sitelinks showing on brand terms. The description it is matching up to each sitelink is seemingly random. 


All the descriptions are ads in my account, but don't necessarily correspond to keywords with the same destination URL as the given sitelink. This is how I thought this worked.


If I can't control my enhanced sitelinks, I have a potential issue as Pharma companies have to have all advertising copy PAGB approved. I'm not sure if the current approval would stretch to the use of descriptions currently being matched up to sitelinks.


I've read the advice available here:


I've followed the best practices, but still my sitelinks aren't matching up correctly.


There doesn't appear to be a lot of literature available on this subject, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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PS: This is my first post to these boards, so apologies if I've inadvertently broken any rules. :-)

Re: How do I control what is shown in my Enhanced Sitelinks?

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Can anyone help our new member Jamie? 

Re: How do I control what is shown in my Enhanced Sitelinks?

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Hi Jamiewgrant,


I am not sure whether you have read the introduction of "Enhanced Sitelinks" that how it works. If not, please follow the link given below for further information.


I am still researching on this matter will let you know if i find any another solution to your matter.


Hope this helps!



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Azeem Shaikh
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