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How can i manage my campaign?

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Dear Google team,

My name is Minh Lam, i live in Viet Nam

I've you Google Adwors for 1 year. It is very useful to my work. But last two months, i hae got a big trouble to my campaign.

When i use google adword on first page, other people search on google and click on my ad so much. I took a lot of money of ours. This click does not come from my potential my customer. It come from my compitetor. Please tell me how to slove this problem? If this state is continue, we afraid we can not use google adwords again!

Please help us.

Any feeback please sent to ours by the address:

Or phone number: (+84)933.099.061

Best regards!

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September 2015

Re: How can i manage my campaign?

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Hi Minh Lam,


You said that your competitors are clicking your ads often. Did you trace the web logs or IP addresses and are you really sure that the clicks which have accrued are really the invalid clicks?


Please note that Adwords Click Tracking techniques are really strong. Adwords take care of spam/unwanted clicks for all of its advertisers. In case if Adwords find some unwanted activity, the credit is applied back into your account.


Still if you think so that there are invalid clicks happening through your ads, you can report that to Google and they would dig into it.


Below are some links for more details:


Invalid click troubleshooter

How Google detects invalid clicks

About invalid clicks


Hope this helps!