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Hi. I need help please

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In the last 2 days that my ad had many clicks but no phone calls at all which is abnormal. I've checked my ad this morning at 8AM that when my ad starts (I set my ad to run from 8AM to 5PM) when first came in and my ad already exhausted. I've also set the impression limit to 2 but it seems does not help. I think someone is clicking on my ad to get it exhauted. 

 Is there any way to see who or to prevent it from happening in the future?

 Thank you very much for your help.


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Re: Hi. I need help please

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Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum.  We'll need some more details before we can give you any really good advice...


Firstly, what's your setting for Ad Delivery?  Is it set to "Accelerated" or "Standard"?  If it's set to "Standard" (the default), your Ad delivery is automatically adjusted so that your Ads show as evenly as possible throughout the day - in other words there shouldn't be a time (unless it's very near the end of the day) when your budget is exhausted.


Secondly, what time zone are you in and what time zone is your Adwords account set to?  Are you sure everyone's working to the same times?  8am for you may not be 8am for your Account.


How many clicks did you actually receive?  "Conversion rates" (the rate at which clicks turn into actions) vary tremendously but even a rate of 5% may be considered quite good for many companies.  This means if you had 100 clicks you might only expect 5 phone calls.  How many clicks did you receive?



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