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Help - API

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Is it complusory to create new account to get help form Adwords regarding API


Below is the reply for Adwords Reprsenstative when asked for API help


"Google provides dedicated account support for new client acquisitions. Please let me know if you will be ok with migrating your account to a new one. you can link the new account to your existing  MCC. And you can have an AM from Google responsible for the execution and Optimization and also other levels of support like troubleshooting, billing etc.


Do let me know and I can go ahead and execute the same and schedule a call with the AM to look into your issues/concerns."


Now I dont want to make a new account as I already haave 3 acccount in place and are doing well, Alos I'm spending approx $100,000 on adwords.


Please help


Re: Help - API

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Welcome to the community!


Well I can only suggest you to have a MCC (My Client Center) account and link your all 3 accounts to it. Then you will be able to use AdWords API in your existing accounts. You need to have a My Client Center (MCC) account to apply for access to the API. MCC accounts cannot be created using the same email address as an existing AdWords account. You therefore need to use an email address that has not already been associated with an AdWords account to create your MCC account.


Signing up for the AdWords API please find below the links for more details:


I hope it helps you.



Anand Vishwakarma