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Has anyone use the new App Ads in the enhanced campaigns?

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Hi all,


Has anyone been using the new App Ads and if so have you been getting app downloads? If so what type of placements are you using?


We've been getting some conversions but not enough but the ad type is till converting more than our other regular display ads.

Re: Has anyone use the new App Ads in the enhanced campaigns?

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Hello Brian,


I have already replied to your question in your previous thread. I will suggest the same things here also. But also I would like you to have a look at this Webinar:


For new visitors, here are the suggestions from previous post:

  • It will be great if you will add the Pricing of your app in your banners and text ads to drive only the persons who are willing to purchase the app at that price.
  • You can add the competitors app names in your Keywords and can also show your display ads in the competitor applications OR Similar applications in your category by selecting the placements.
  • You should also market your app to the users who are having the eligibility to install the app. e.g. if your app requires Android 4.0 ICS OR higher version, then there is not much benefit showing your ads to persons who doesn't fit your eligibility criteria. Select the adwords version while setting up the campaign. Go to Campaigns Tab -> Select Display Campaign -> Mobile App. Now Under the Devices Option click Advanced Mobile and Tablet Options. Select the Operating Systems which you want your app to be advertised.
  • Also select the devices you want to market. Sometimes the ad only work on iPads OR Tables. So select the Devices where you want to run your ads. Follow same steps as in above mentioned point. Select Devices option.
  • Should have the conversion tracking installed to track the profits.
  • You can select the placements by adding the category of the application OR by searching the apps and selecting them in your placements.
  • Check your reports and exclude the placements which are not working.
  • If you are having more than 30 Conversions in past 30 days, then you can also use the conversion optimizer settings.



Re: Has anyone use the new App Ads in the enhanced campaigns?

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Hi Dinah,


Thanks for your reply.  We actually have the campaign set to target Android Tablets only as you suggested.


There is one last question.  The campaign is set to Display Network - Mobile Apps. I'm assuming that means that the ads are displaying only In-App on the platforms we've targeted??


Also we're I to change the settings to Display Network - All Features but still use the new app ads. Would they then display  based on topics targeting in browsers on Tablets as we targeted?


Thanks loads for your help. We're just not getting return on our campaigns as the moment so I really need to figure out why. The app is quite good and we get great reviews so we're just not sure why Adwords is not returning for us.