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Half Of Budget GONE! Please Help!?

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So I scaled down my campaign to like 3 keywords per ad group, sometimes 3 keywords per campaign.  Just the top converting keywords (using almost a year of metrics).  My budget is $2000 a day.


So here I am thinking this will really work & drive conversions.  BTW all my broad match keywords are at broad match modifiers.  My ads are at rotate evenly.  I excluded states that I am not advertising in, I have my mobile bid adjustments at 0, amd just to show the phone number because our mobile site is not optimized.  I have over 500 negative keywords.


Here I am thinking this will slow down my budget from running out and get only the people I want to click on the ad.  I turned my campaigns on at 9am now its 10:43am AND I AM ALREADY PASS HALF MY BUDGET!  my spend is at $1034!  My CTR is at 3.72% for everything but I am at 1 conversion (granted the landing page is CRAPPY & the bounce rates in the range of 90% but thats beyond my control because my supervisor moves like a snail to get things done, Oh BTW I JUST got them to connect Google Analytics to Adwords) but anyways.


Am I a victim of over optimization?

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Re: Half Of Budget GONE! Please Help!?

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Hi PPCSophie,


I have few worries reading the whole scenario, Over a year metrics and only 3 top converting keywords? 500 negative keywords and only FEW positive keywords? 1 conversion @ CPA of $1034? that's too high..


It is always a good strategy to have top converting keywords in campaign but with very few keywords you are lossing out on lot of opportunities. I would here prefer to test more keywords.

I would here categorize top performing keywords not only on the basis of conversions, I also consider keywords with high CTR, decent bounce rate etc.


Did you look into search query? Is there specific keyword which is consuming most part of the budget?



Neha Gupta



Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Half Of Budget GONE! Please Help!?

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Well thats just part of the scenario NehaGupta. 


I am not losing opportunities because plenty of keywords that I've been testing & looking at at the historical data, they are just not converting.  I plan to test more opportunites once our landing pages are optimized but I am not willing to pay for clicks and no conversions with 11 months of data, thats wasted budget. 


I tried the Top performing strategy but frankly that did not work because it lowered quality score & CTR so i rather have properly defined campaigns and ad groups.  The keywords are pretty costly at at an average of $25 per click but Im looking into my data since i took over the camapign and most of my conversions happen around lunch time till 9pm.  so i am going to start day parting.  All my camapigns & keywords have high CTR but very High bounce rates, because, again our landing pages arent optimized PLUS we are a financial insituition, people are pretty cautious of putting in personal information to a site that looks too much like a lead gen page.  But I was pretty surprised at how quickly it went through the budget this morning. 






Re: Half Of Budget GONE! Please Help!?

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I am with Neha on that ; You are paying a lot and getting less...That's not the way AdWords should work;

I would start by running a comprehensive search query report: based on that, restructure the whole campaign and set a coherent and consistent biding strategy;




PS: And put pressure on web designers to finish quickly the site redesign

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Half Of Budget GONE! Please Help!?

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Hi Sophie, personally - and I know you're not going to like this - I think you should have someone else just run a quick eye over your Account, there are some odd things going on here.


Did we ever get to the bottom of the budget spend issue where the Delivery Method appeared to be working as "Accelerated" (and does now, from what you're saying) when it's apparently set to "Standard"?  If not, this alone would really worry me and I wouldn't continue advertising until it was resolved.


This aside if you need 500 negative Keywords from only a handful of positives, those positives are almost definitely too broad.  If you've identified 500 negatives, there are probably another 5000 you've not got - and never will - because Google won't report upon them.


I'm also a little concerned you may not be giving these things enough time.  You're posting here very frequently with changes that you've made that I would expect would take a week, maybe a fortnight or more to test.  Don't forget that in some industries conversions can have a long time-lag and I'd say that the financial sector is one.  I have clients who have over 10% of their conversions happen more than 21 days after first click and many where more than 20% takes a week or more so you really can't make changes too rapidly because you're not seeing the true effect until you've allowed things to "run their course" as it were.  What do the Search Funnels report for your Campaigns?


If this sounds like it's going to be too expensive then you need to re-evaluate what you're doing, your strategy for implementation and testing and your budget for doing this.  When you start to get into the bigger numbers with AdWords - and even when those numbers are smaller - you have to think of it as a business proposal just like any other.  You've got to plan for capital outlay, monthly costs, wastage, etc. etc.  If you're going to be spending tens of thousands of dollars a month you (or perhaps I should say your bean counters) need to understand that this is going to have to be planned and tested carefully over a fair period of time.  It could take months to get even close to a well tuned Account and during that time you've (they've) got to accept that there may be a fairly high wastage.  It'd be lovely, wouldn't it, if you could show a + Net ROI from day 1, but it happens very rarely and even more rarely in tough sectors like yours.


As for the website not being optimised, there's a part of me that would say that you should hit the big red "PAUSE" button right now on all your Campaigns.  Would you spend money to send people to a high street store that still had builders working in it or where half the products were on shelves too high to reach?  Your website is your FIRST priority, not your last.  It is the website that closes the deal, AdWords just starts it.


Seriously Sophie, I think you need to sit back a little and think through what's going on here.



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Re: Half Of Budget GONE! Please Help!?

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First, let me say I agree with all that Jon had to say. You should consider his points carefully.


However, I did want to call-out one thing from your original post.


My CTR is at 3.72% for everything but I am at 1 conversion (granted the landing page is CRAPPY & the bounce rates in the range of 90% but thats beyond my control because my supervisor moves like a snail to get things done,


What you're spending would matter less if you were getting a decent ROI. The best AdWords campaign in the universe is going to be a waste of time if people arrive at your website and don't like/don't understand/aren't interested in what's displayed on your landing page(s).


The most compelling ads ever written, the tightest, most focused list of keywords ever created--none of this matters at all if the visitor's experience on the website is poor.


I would suggest that time and energy put into creating really good landing pages should be your #1 priority.

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