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HTML5 .zip banner error - The filename/path character error

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Hi all,

I keep getting errors for a batch of banners I'm trying to upload into our GDN campaigns. The error is this:

"The ad you uploaded includes a file path or file name with characters we do not support. Please remove any special characters (for example, dashes, punctuation marks, or spaces) from file paths and file names. If you tried to upload an HTML5 ad as a .ZIP file, see if it is one of the files or folders inside it."

I have multiple times batch-renamed all files recursively, unzipped, rezipped, tried absolutely everything but cannot for the life of me find an error.

Any ideas?

Here is the file in question example html5 banner with error, 300x600px

MANY thanks!

Re: HTML5 .zip banner error - The filename/path character error

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Hi Alexander,

Not being an expert in naming GDN files I might be missing something, however it seems to me that the + in the file name could class as a special character?
Have you tried removing it?

Hope this helps,