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HTML5 Display Ad with a form

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I tried to create an HTML5 ad that contains a <textarea>. I wonder whether this is possible with Google HTML5 Display Ads.


A few more details: I would like the ad to allow users to enter a question and click "Ask an expert" submit button below. The button would then redirect to a page where it would be possible to complete the rest of the form (i.e. enter contact information and agree to our Terms of Service). Is such a thing possible with Google HTML5 Display Ads? I think it would convert really well and generally be a much better user experience.


So far, I created some HTML5 Ads using Google Web Designer. In the "Preview" mode in the editor they work as intended. The form receives focus and lets the user type in their question. However in the preview online inside the Google Adwords Console, the ad redirects instantly - even if I click on the <textarea>.


Is it possible to change that? I noticed that there is some "events" functionality in the editor however I was unable to locate any online resources about that.


- Is it possible to accomplish the interactivity that I described above?

- Where can I find some documentation on the Google Web Designer "events" feature? I spent a whole day googling around but no luck.



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Re: HTML5 Display Ad with a form

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Just a brief update. I actually saw some ads behaving the way that I would like. These were however Flash ads and not HTML5 ads. However I guess as far as policy goes this is allowed.

Re: HTML5 Display Ad with a form

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Well, some more progress. I found methods:


however I'm not sure how to use them properly yet. Does anyone know anything?


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Re: HTML5 Display Ad with a form

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I have the same question regarding html5 forms in display ads. It seems that any click on the ad will trigger a redirect to the ad's destination url, regardless of which html element is clicked; the input element gains focus for the moment before google records the click and redirects.

Re: HTML5 Display Ad with a form

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Hi Papuga,

Just wanted to let your know that HTML5 or any display ad on AdWords cannot be used with form elements in it. As you said, any click on the HTML5 ads will redirect you to the landing page plus any display ads that mimic a feature that they cannot actually perform (i.e. form fill actions) will eventually get disapproved and your account may be penalized for it.

Also, the ad that you mentioned had form fields was infact an engagement ad and not an flash ad. Here are more details on Engagement ads:

Steps on how to create Engagement ads:

Ad Policies:

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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