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Hi All,

Can somebody help? I am getting 200-300 malicious clicks on my adwords every day of the week...has the villian got a BOT to attack my advert? I have tried blocking his town from the map-thingy...but I can not do it!!! so, frustrating...and, i am blocking 20 different I.P's a day on the Adwords settings....any solutions out there.

Thank you in advance.

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illegal clicks reporting

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Please use the following form to report the illegal activity to Google. Google investigates with its own tools and its "click fraud unit". (Yes, Google has one... Smiley Happy). If those clicks are found to be invalid, you will be fully refunded by Google.



How are you determining those clicks are malicious, what...

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How are you determining those clicks are malicious, what are you seeing that's causing the concern?


Hi TeamDisney,   Have you added the invalid clicks column...

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Hi TeamDisney,


Have you added the invalid clicks column to the campaigns tab? That will tell you the number of invalid clicks Google has detected and credited back to your account.


Are the IP address you are blocking all in the same class C block? If so, you can block the entire group with a wild card (ex: 192.168.0.*).


Otherwise, I'd follow MosheTLV's suggestion and contact support.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: illegal clicks reporting

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Link to reporting is to "Page not available" I have coded a tracker on my landing page to track incoming traffic and over 90% of all my clicks are fake clicks... I am also now tracking the page with Google Analytics and even the behavior is not that of a real user/client... and only some of the headers are duplicated, I now record all of it and here is an example of a duplicate: http://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=CG56Af_FbUfiGOK337AavoICgCIyA7rUDlO_X10yNhpkFCAAQAygDUMz01cH_____... - this is submitted each and every day, sometimes multiple times a day, but the other clicks are all from different ip's from all over, it looks like some sort of adwords botnet tool? Is there some service offered to attack competitors ads?

Re: illegal clicks reporting

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How can i check which ip is clicking on ads? i have several very targeted keywords with 100% bounce rate

Re: illegal clicks reporting

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I have been experiencing this problem recently myself, though not to the extent of the original poster - maybe 5 a day. But I'm pretty sure I know who it is, a local competitor using extremely unethical business practices, if you can even call it THAT! Eric, I recommend you try opentracket.net. I am using myself and as of today (just started using it) I have proof that the malicious clicks are coming from ONE IP address, which confirms my suspicions. Anyway, it gives you the IP address, ISP information, etc. per visit to your website, as well as where they came from (i.e. Google, etc.)
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