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Group Ideas & Keyword Match Types

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Hi Everyone. Yep, its me again! Smiley Happy


You know when we use keyword tool to look for searches and how the tool does all that ‘hard work’ for us and creates

group ideas’? I am wondering if those group ideas can be renamed after the keywords themselves. I mean to ask would

renaming them would have any effect on the results in terms of triggers, QS, CTR and the rest of important survival elements? For an example:


Keyword Tool suggested the group idea called Apples. It then shows the resutls of searches for red apples, green apples and yellow apples.


Do we have to create an Ad Group Apples then ad copies for Red Apples, Green Apples and Yellow Apples? Can we possibly create three Ad Groups - Red Apples, Green Apples and Yellow Apples? We then create relevant ad copies for every one of the Ad Groups.




Would it be sensible or logical or useful to use all three match types of a given keyword in an Ad Group? For example:


[rough iron]

"rough iron"

+rough +iron


Counting on everyone's support. Smiley Happy



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Re: Group Ideas & Keyword Match Types

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Hi Razz


The keyword suggeston tool is just that - a tool. You don't have to do anything you don't want to - in fact - your idea of segmenting further into red, yellow and green apples makes perfect sense if your business and site is granular enough for you to do that. The more targeted your keywords can be then so too can your ad copy and then the landing page to which you send the visitors. Across the board you should see better results with this approach - a better QS, CTR and conversion rate.


As for the match types, often people start with all three match types in one ad group and then segment as the results dictate. Remember if you set up an ad group with an exact match keyword, then you should (if you are going to keep using the phrase and BMM versions) - have that as a negative exact match in the more general ad group - to ensure that the exact matches go directly to the exact keyword....

Re: Group Ideas & Keyword Match Types

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Thanks for the reply Steve. Smiley Happy I really appreciate it.


Conisdering I meet all the ad copy criteria such as numbers of characters and all, you think the following technic should the trick?


Ad Group

Red Apples


Ad Copy

Great Value Fresh Red Apples

Red Apples Are Now In Season

For You & Your Loved Ones To Enjoy!



[red apples]       

“red apples“          

+red +apples


Thanks again.



Re: Group Ideas & Keyword Match Types

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Hi razzc;

We discussed last week, your question of a possible "redundancy " you might have using BMM, phrase and exact match in the same ad group;


Check these discussions:

Phrase Match Redundancy


keyword misspellings



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