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Google Suspended account

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Good Afternoon,

I have been trying to get in touch with Google for over a week but just keep getting holding messages back. I thought it might help if I wrote the issue in the hopes of getting some help!


Diary of events:


Setup account and adverts went live. Billing information all in there.

Ads ran fine for a few hours but when I went back on there were red banners at the top saying the account is suspended.


I then created another account as couldn’t afford to wait around with no ad-words running. Put in same details but unfortunately this then got suspended as before.


Out of total panic, a third account was created but in the name of the CC holder to stop any issues with the billing. This then also got put on hold I presume due to the links with the original domain.


I have managed to get in touch with and they keep saying they are looking into it.


My question is, how do I go about just having ONE account that works? We just need to get our account up and running ASAP but seem to have no way of doing so.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Google Suspeneded account

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Do you know the reason why your account keeps getting suspended?  Didi you know you can also call Google at 1866-2-Google.


See image below for their contact information, but if you can provide more information regarding why your account got suspended, that would be helpful.






Re: Google Suspeneded account

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Hi Andy,


Let's see here, your account was suspended for an unknown reason, so you created a new account for the same web site and the same billing information. That is a clear violation of the "double serving policy"--only one account per business entity is allowed. Did you have another account before creating the account that was the first suspension? That is also a clear violation.


Did you cancelled the suspended accounts before attempting to create a new one? Were there other possible reasons for your account suspension?


Best of Luck,



petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Google Suspeneded account

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We have clearly created a mess here. Looking closer at what I've done:

1. The initial billing details had the wrong postcode. I have now corrected this. I have also entered bank account details so they should be able to verify this as well.
2. I was not aware of policies and created another account. I realise this was a grave mistake now. Especially when I did a third one.
3. I did not cancel accounts prior to creating the other one because the account was suspended and it would not let me. Therefore, we have never once had more than one account in operation at any one time.

I just want to unravel it and get it working but the communication from Google is still that they are looking into it. But after 2 weeks the response is simply the same and I'm unsure if anything is indeed being done about it.

Whilst we have clearly breached their policies, they were unintended consequences of trying to get the account live rather than trying to serve multiple accounts. We just need to have a human being look it and they will see we now have bona fide payment details, only require a single account and have never tried to serve more than one account at a time. That said I think their issue was the billing details rather than the subsequent accounts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because we are really hurting not having the ability to advertise at the moment. We should be spending £6 - £7K a month and are at a standstill. My boss is fuming now that the cause has come to light.