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Google Analytics Not Provided filter

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I am confused with this filter which is to unlock the "not provide" keywords. When i set this filter for my site data, i got quite weird results. huge part of the "not provided" keywords turned into np - / page-links, for example, np - / flow.php which is not what i am looking for at all. I want those keywords that consumers used to come to our site but locked by Google. Who can help me? Anything wrong with my fliter? Who can explain this filter for me in details, maybe all of this is because of my misunderstanding for it. Thanks a lot!


Filter as below ======================================= 


Field A->Extract A campaign  term   (.not provided.)
Field B->Extract B   Requested URI    (.*)
Output to-> constructor  campaign term   np - $B1

The below are ticked:
Field A Required
Field B Required
Override Output Field

Case Sensitive   Not Required



Re: Google Analytics Not Provided filter

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Hi Sylvia,


The "not provided" masks search terms for google organic results (not paid/adwords), google does this to protect the privacy of the searcher.


It's not possible to unmask it, but there are a few tricks to get more information than just the "not provided". One of them is to look at the page a searcher lands on after clicking on your search result because if you know the landing page, you might get an idea as to what the person was searching for.


And that's exactly what your filter does: for all "not provided" visits, it 'll replace "not provided" with "np - name of the landing page" so that you get a better idea what the traffic is related to, so that's why you're seeing "np - /flow.php", ...


Hope this helps but if you need more detailed information or help on this, then the google analytics forum is perhaps a better place for questions related ot analytics filters:!forum/analytics