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Google Analytics API Help

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Hey guys,


I am trying to work out the best way to bring through conversions via the new Google Analytics API Script for Google Docs (launched a few weeks back).


I am not a developer so limited on programming skills.


OK, so we are building a dashboard that will support multiple profiles. A large chunk of the data is based around Adwords metrics and user breakdown of devices etc.


The problem we are facing as followings.


It seems GA are fine to give you ga:goalCompletionsAll but I have goals set up that do not directly relate to a conversion. Example; I have goals set up from Home to Contact Us which is not a direct value as a conversion. The ones I want counted are for Thank You Form Completion, Google Organic Calls and Google Adwords Calls (Call tracking).


Ideally, I would like to only use the goals imported into Adwords but looking up the table with the AdWords - Dimensions & Metrics there does not seem to be a metric for All Conversions for us to then breakdown the calculation.


One idea I had, which is a bit extreme; is to delete goals that are not counted as conversions(mentioned above) - Bit really not ideal


The second option is to filter out the goals I don't need but this creates a problem as we use the drop down menu to select other profiles there is no uniform to the ids on all the accounts.


The most efficient way seems to be only to grab the conversion data from AdWords but I cannot see how to do this.


Please help :-)

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Re: Google Analytics API Help

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Hi Danny,


If I am not mistaken, there is a dedicated Google Analytics API forum. This is the link for that:!forum/google-analytics-data-export-api


I think you might get better resolution there.


Hope that helps somewhere!


Re: Google Analytics API Help

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Thanks Pankaj.

Have posted there too but no feedback as of yet.

Thought maybe, there are some knowledgable folks in the community here that could share thoughts on a solution.