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Gmail Ads

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I have activated Gmail Ads Beta Versions from Google Account Manager and now i am able to make all the type of Gmail Ads from Gmail Ad Gallary.


I have added placement and,Top center but i am getting only impressions and click on and getting no conversion.


Any one please guide me what i missed in this.

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Re: Gmail Ads

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Well in India GSP is allowed only for white listed agencies and accounts.
Since yours is activated it should give conversions
I think you need to keep your keyword tight but it would mean very lesser impression and clicks .
I can be wrong this is just a wild guess.

Re: Gmail Ads

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Rising Star

Hi Anand,


I am no expert on the GSP beta available in India but I think specifically targeting the gmail inbox as a placement is going to be the same thing as targeting the domain itself.


I understand that you maybe trying to target the top & center position above the regular mails but by default when you target the domain your ad is going to show up on the top center position. Additionally, when you see the criteria report, you will only be able to see statistics for the domain i.e. ''. I do not think you get data at the inbox and top center level when it comes to the criteria report.


As for the conversions, you should probably check if your conversion code has been placed properly on the 'ThankYou' page and also if your creative is taking the users to the right landing page or taking at there at all.


Other than this you should probably look into how relevant your LP and your creative are to each other. It could be the case that your creative offers or specifies something but does not offer the same on the LP. You need to ensure such cases do not arise in order to record a successful conversion.


Hope this Helps!




Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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