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Gmail Ads - You do not have access to upload forms in your creatives. Please contact your account ma

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I cannot get Gmail Sponsored Ads to work when they have forms in the creative.


I have been experimenting with Gmail Sponsored Ads. The idea sounds brilliant in theory. My click-thru-rates are phenomenal 90+% CTRs, 1000's of daily clicks, really low CPC. However, i can't get a single conversion action (form completion), sale, or otherwise. I've had only a handful of clicks within the ads and a number of forwards and saves. But 0 actions. 


I thought perhaps using the Inline Form option, where, rather than needing them to click, i ask them to fill the form within the ad. I have built my forms correctly according to the specs. I am able to upload the ad without error. But when i save, i get the following error:


"You do not have access to upload forms in your creatives. Please contact your account manager."


So i reached out to Adwords support via chat to see what's going on. Chat support has been awful lately, to be quite honest. Don't even get me started. One guy tried to convince me the account owner had taken me off as managing their client account without informing me although i was still able to submit ads and was actively working in the account.


After about a week and a half of running more and more useless Gmail Ads that get no conversions, i got a response: "The client has to upload the ad, because you do not have admin privileges on the account."


This is counter intuitive. I cannot possibly ask a client who has hired me to run ads FOR them to upload ads for me. But all the same, i did. I asked a different client if he would be willing to upload a test ad (Gmail custom HTML ad with an inline form) on my behalf.


He too received the same error!


Meaning, the determination of the support rep that i can't upload ads with forms because i am a delegated account manager (not the actual account owner) was WRONG. That client was uploading the ad into his own account where he CLEARLY has admin access and it failed.


So my question is...


Has anyone tried to upload Gmail sponsored ads with forms in the creative and been successful?


Has anyone seen this error before and can tell me the solution?


My suspicion is, this is a feature not available to me/to my clients but was documented publicly anyway.