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Global_Countdown function

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I have been running Sales countdown message on my ecom website twice per week in order to create urgency with customers and stimulate them to buy. I have also reflected this in my PPC ads with the same countdown timing running using the Global_Countdown function. So my desc line 1 in my advert looks something like this:


Hurry, 50% Sale ends in {=GLOBAL_COUNTDOWN("2015/04/29 23:59:59","en-US",5)}


A problem that I am having however, is each time I adjust the date that the countdown expires at on the adverts I am losing all of my performance history. I know there is some way to pull the data from a spreadsheet in Business Data (but have not figured it out yet) - but just wanted to make sure this would not make me lose my data too if i made adjustment this way.


Is anyone using this function or know the answer to my question?


Many thanks.

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Re: Global_Countdown function

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Hmmm I am more confused. I just got off the phone with AdWords support - the lady was pretty certain it removed historic performance data and checked with her colleague who also said that any adjustments will reset the advert historic performance data.

Although on the official AdWords help page it says it won't :


Tailored messaging: Ads are hyper-specialized to each search or webpage being viewed.
Time-sensitive calls to action: The COUNTDOWN function can say that time's running out to take advantage of a promotion.
Scalability: Customizers let a single text ad have hundreds of variations, and show the most relevant variation to each potential customer.

Looks like I will lose the data.

Re: Global_Countdown function

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Hi @Usha n I think what's being confused here is the "updates" when the Ad is shown - that is a change in the time left - and an actual edit to the Ad text itself, which will cause the old Ad to be removed and a new one created.


When the help page talks about "automatic updates" it's referring to the countdown function itself, i.e. the bit that makes your description line 1 read "2 days 3 hours" on one viewing and "2 days 1 hour" on another.  These updates are not actually changing the Ad text itself, they're just a feature of the countdown so the Ad is the same one you had from the start and you can see all the history.


When you change the countdown you're actually editing the Ad text and, as with any edit to Ad text, this causes the original Ad to be removed and a new one created.  You're not actually "losing" the data, the Ad is being replaced with a new one.  If you look at your Ads tab and change the settings to show all Ads you should see your previous versions now with a "Removed" status.


believe the answer is as you've suggested in your first post - to use the Business data customisation.  This page:


Has an example of "recurring events" and it looks like you could just use the Event (date) column to do what you need (although this example uses COUNTDOWN, rather than GLOBAL_COUNTDOWN I'm sure that'll work OK as well.


Let us know if you have any problems.



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Re: Global_Countdown function

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your response. I have actually found the answer I was looking for. You can use Business Data to customize your data or make edits to text ads without losing your data.

So for instance our promotions change often in terms of sale % and also the free delivery over xxx amount. But using these customizers I can make edits at scale and not lose data.

Thanks for your help.