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Getting Dynamic Remarketing Ads

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Hi Guyz,

   I was surfing on Incognito browser window(where browser don't store any cookies). After I visited an Ecommerce website in incognito window, still I am getting Dynamic remarketing Ads.

 My first question is, if I was using Incognito browser window, so how my activity is getting tracked for Dynamic remarketing Ads ?

 My second question is that I am getting the remarketing Ads also on Yahoo, which is not a Google display partner site, so Google's audience is working for Yahoo Display as well ?




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Re: Getting Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Saurabh,


Using the incognito mode of your browser doesn't prevent you from being tracked, it just gives you a blank slate (zero cookies) when you open the window and forgets everything when you close it. If you visit an ecommerce site and then other sites with the same session, you're likely to be retargeted.


If you really don't like those ads, there's typically a way to opt out of them, by clicking on the upper right corner on the "AdChoices" icon. For Google interest-based ads, you might even see a cross icon to "mute this ad" (



Note that Google isn't the only company offering dynamic remarketing ads. In fact, it's a very competitive area with a lot of other players. The dynamic ads you're seeing on Yahoo! are very likely to be from one of these competitors. 


- Maxime