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For management placements, do I need to specify every URL where I want my ads to appear?

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Hi, I have two simple questions about management placements.


Question 1: I want my ads to appear on this site:


As you can see, nearly every page on the site is showing AdWords ads. If I just put that url ("") into my managed placements, will my ads be eligible to show on every page of the site?



Question 2: I want my ads to appear on all URLs on this site that start with this URL:

If you go there and click around, you can see there are tons of pages below that URL that have ads on them, for example:


If I enter just "" in managed placements, will that give me the run of that page and all pages "below" that level? Or do I need to manually enter every URL exactly where I want my ads to appear?


Thank you very much--



Eric Mueller

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Hi Eric,


The short answer to both of your questions is yes.


If you're managing your bids at the placement level, you might look for the ability to single out placements for higher/lower bids and therefore would want to have as many specific performing placements as possible.  Really, the more specific you can get with your placements the better control and results you should see.  I see two potential paths for you to choose from.


Option 1.  You can list the top level domains and let the account run.  You'll be eligible for adslots in subdirectories/sections and other pages on the site beyond the homepage.  This can actually be used as a method of learning which specific placements on a site are worth adding as a specific managed placement. By using the managed placements reports, you can find the additional placements that will be worth targeting.


Option 2.  Start specific.  You seem to have discovered a number of specific placements, you could keep that going and start with as many top level and specific (relevant) placements as possible starting with more overall control.


The use of placement reports to find new placements is a great idea no matter which direction you decide to go in.


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Manged placements contextual targeting on Google Dispaly network

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In addition to Tom's answer; I have just finished writing an answer on how manged placements work with contextual targeting on Google Display Network (GDN). My preference, is to add keywords to managed placements, to meet a better targeting in relevent pages (on GDN).

Instead of copying the very good case study, I was just answering, ( that is totallyrelevent to your case), and the methods that I recommended to adopt, please read it here (will open in a new window).


Please note, that Google has just announced a complete revised contextual engine. Its functionality on GDN has completely changed. Highly recommended to read on the official AdWords blog



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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