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Failing to Batch upload: HD image ads

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We are trying to upload HD image banners via Adwords editor and its giving errors. How can we fix this issue and upload our image ads in HD using batch upload?

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Re: Failing to Batch upload: HD image ads

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Google Employee
Editor doesn't really support HD images, for complicated technical reasons. It cannot create a new ad with never-before-used HD image.

However, Editor can create an ad with an HD image already used by another ad in this account. E.g. if you create an ad in the online interface, sync it to Editor, copy/paste to another ad group, possibly modify some fields other than the image, and upload, the new ad will have the same HD image as the original (even though Editor only shows the "regular" non-HD version of the image).

You can make use of this partial support as follows:
1. Create one ad with each HD image you want to use, manually in the online interface.
2. Download these ads to Editor
3. Export these ads to CSV-with-images (ZIP) format.
4. Unpack the resulting ZIP file. In the "images" subdirectory, you will see "regular" non-HD versions of your HD images. These are images that the online interface automatically generated by down-sampling your HD originals.
5. Use these non-HD images to create more ads in Editor, whether manually in the UI or via Make Multiple Changes or CSV import. Must use these exact images, unaltered in any way. Also, the original ads created in step #1 must be kept around in Editor (they can be paused if you wish, but not deleted).

What happens is this. Editor is not aware of the original HD images, only of the down-sampled versions. When you create and upload a new ad with that image, Editor says: hey, there already exists an ad that uses this exact image - I don't need to upload the image again (which is time-consuming), I'm just going to tell AdWords servers to reuse the image from that existing ad. The servers, on the other hand, are fully aware of both HD and non-HD versions of the image, and copy over both. The end result is a new ad with HD image.

Finally, note that Editor supports copying and importing ads between accounts - but this trick would only work within a single account. If you try to copy an ad to another account, the new ad would have a regular non-HD image. Thus, if you manage more than one account, you'd have to complete the whole process, starting from step #1, in each one of them separately, and be careful to use down-sampled images specific to each account (even though they would likely look the same to a naked eye, they may not be byte-for-byte identical).