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Expired ads

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I am trying to reset the ad expiration dates.  I keep getting a notice saying it cant be changed from adwords.  So where can it be changed from?


ie:    AWX_002:21c9468e81c1d358_00000000000caec5

Re: Expired ads

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Hi Rsilverdc,


I guess you are trying to make changes to your Adwords Express account via Adwords interface,which is actually not possible.


The problem that you are facing is very common and faced by many people. The most common solution you'll find is that

you have to login into your Adwords Express account if you want to make any changes. But people are still not able to make the changes even after doing it from Adwords Express account directly. (I hope you are talking about the changing or extending the campaigns end dates.)


I would suggest you to try making the changes once via Adwords Express directly (not from Adwords interface), If the problem is still not solved i would suggest you to contact Google Support.


For further help kindly refer to this article.


Hope this helps!



Azeem Shaikh

Azeem Shaikh
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