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Excluding locations from a larger area

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I am targeting a large area and within them I want to exclude certain areas. After this, I want to see the locations/visualization of the areas that are actually targeted. The visualization in the Adwords Interface is not clear. Is there any other way we can see the list of locations or see a better visualization of the areas targeted after the exclusions.



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Re: Excluding locations from a larger area

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Hello Anuraghk,


Welcome to the AdWords Community.


I am afraid as there is no feature which can give you an Accurate & complete visualization about Targeted and Excluded Locations, Since Google says, Outlines shown for locations are approximate and should only provide a general idea of relative location. AdWords will continue to use multiple signals to determine where to show location-targeted ads.(Help Centrer)


Now, If you only need a visualization as to what areas you have targeted and and what areas you have excluded then you can go to the Campaigns Settings tab and then in the Location section click Edit link and then select the Advanced Search option and navigate to the Radius Targeting Link. Here you can find a visual presentation of the locations targeted and location excluded.

 Something like this:


Targeted and Excluded.png


To know about about targeting methods, please visit the link:


Hope this Helps.

- Prashanth Reniguntala

Re: Excluding locations from a larger area

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What country are you targeting? There are countries in which Geo targeting is far from accurate and your Geo target only regions.
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