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Excluded from remarketing due to biased account manager?

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A couple of days ago we got a new account manager assigned to us and at the same time our remarketing lists got excluded due to adult content.

We are selling intimate apparel for women, men and children and have been running campaigns (search, display and a little bit of remarketing) for years without any problems. Our site does not contain any sexual content, but it has happened two or three times in the past that a new text or display ad got disapproved due to adult content. A quick call or email explaining that we are not an adult shop, but just sell underwear along with socks and other fashion always resolved the issue and our ads got approved.


In this new case, which effectively prohibits us to run any Google remarketing campaigns - I sent an email to their support asking why our site suddenly got marked as adult content (only in remarketing) and I got a call from the account manager and we exchanged a couple of emails after that. He stated several times that it is forbidden to run any remarketing campaigns for intimate apparel and besides that we also can't use any confidential information (which we are not using or even tracking, the list just tracks users who visited a specific category for more than 60 seconds, no filtering based on interests or location). I got the impression that the account manager just blocked our lists for a subjective reason, because he ignored all my questions and also could answer at which point we are using confidential information.


Well, honestly speaking, I found that hard to believe that a segment is forbidden per se, but then on the other side, I am no Google remarketing expert. Is that really true?


The only specific answer I got besides that our segment is forbidden to run any remarketing campaigns, is that any other company which will do the same will get blocked sooner or later by him or one of his colleagues. Matter of fact, there are many companies which are running campaigns from our segment.

I had another Google Wallet related support case where our local support contact said "It's not possible", but after contacting Google US support, the issue got resolved in 5 minutes.


My question now is:

Has anyone experienced a similar problem and how did you get it resolved?

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Re: Excluded from remarketing due to biased account manager?

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Your rep is dead wrong. You are allowed to run remarketing campaigns for intimate apparel, it all gets down to the content of your site. I manage an account for a men's underwear brand with a strong gay branding and because Google has determined that you could presume someone is gay from being served one of their ads (which are the same or tamer than brands like CK, don't get me started on Google's total lack of transparency on how they determine the sexual orientation of a brand) they are banned form remarketing. If your site does not have adult content beyond what you would find on Victoria's Secret or Calvin Klein, you should be well within policy and should be allowed to run remarketing lists.

Since your account manager doesn't seem to be very interested in actually knowing policy or fighting for his client (you), I'd recommend calling support and finding someone to help you there. There are some very talented and knowledgeable folks in the support team (I can't say this about all of them, but I have met some real gems in support). In my experience the support folks usually offer better assistance on dealing with issue than the account managers.

The issue at this point is likely the policy team as they are the ones that actually make these decisions, not your Google account manager. They are not client facing, and they seemingly have no accountability. So if you get one that is particularly prudish in their interpretation of policy (I've run into that many times with our underwear client and others) then you'll have a tough time getting past them. You'll need to have someone who will push back against the policy team and demand to know what specifically is in violation of policy. They'll never give you a direct answer, but with someone pushing for you you should be able to get some examples or some specific parts of policy that are at issue. If you are indeed in compliance this is how you and your support person can push back and get the decision reversed. I would also go ahead and trigger some remarketing ads from other intimate apparel brands and take some screencaps to show as examples to whoever is helping you from support.

All that said and done, it still may not work. If that is the case and your account manager is not able to see this through for you or provide an adequate explanation for why you're banned from remarketing, I would request a new account manager. With ads, you can always just create a new campaign and submit ads again so that you can someone less uptight on the policy team, but for fixing the remarketing disapproval that is going to take someone advocating for you with the policy team, there's no other way around it besides creating an entirely new account.

Hope that helps and best of luck, you're not alone in dealing with this.

Re: Excluded from remarketing due to biased account manager?

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Hi Spike,


Thanks for your input. I actually read through your recent post before, so I'm glad you share your experience and opinion regarding my problem.

I already imagined that it is high unlikely that Google excludes a whole segment from Remarketing. In our case we are not explicitly banned from Remarketing (if that is possible) but all of our remarketing lists got disapproved followed by the disapproval of an ad.


I will follow your advice, find some similar sites and call phone support to see if someone can help me. Our current account manager does not seem to be interested in helping or providing an explanation for the exclusion of our list, but instead provided wrong information. Same with the chat support, first I got the information that it depends on images and the opinion of the person who classified our site/ad (as I imagined) and then after looking through the email conversation he said "My colleague is right, I accidentally provided you with wrong information before, I thought you were talking about display. Remarketing is not allowed in your segment". So my trust in Google Brazil's support is zero, whenever I had issues I contacted US support and my problems got resolved in a matter of minutes (after wasting hours with the local support). Unfortunately, in this case, I always need to provide our Adwords Account number and it always gets routed back to the support staff in Brazil.


But anyway, I will try to contact phone and policy support to see if they can help me. Thanks again for your input!

Re: Excluded from remarketing due to biased account manager?

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No problem. You're welcome to use any of the screencaps I posted from Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein, though you'll want to trigger ads in the Brazilian market to really make your case. At least since it's only happening at a campaign level you have the option of making new campaigns and trying to push those through; it's not an ideal solution but at least it's an option. Let me know how it turns out, this is obviously a topic that I follow closely and hopefully your situation can provide us all with some insight.