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Exclude last 5 Days visitors

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How can i run a remarketing Campaign targeting users who visited my website in last 30 Days but not in the last 5 days?


I currently do it like this - I created the campaign targeting a remarketing list whose membership duration is 30 Days. Then I have created an "open" remarketing of website visitors with membership duration of 5 days. Then i added that list as a campaign exclusion. Am i right or wrong?


The problem i see is that when i check the "list size" of my 5 Day duration remarketing list, it shows data from the day i created it..

Re: Exclude last 5 Days visitors

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@Jithin C


Are you using a custom combination list?  @Jon_Gritton shared this trick awhile back.

Instead of excluding from the campaign, I think you need to exclude it from the list. I think the problem you are having is that excluding from the campaign doesn't change the fact that they are still on the other list.