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Error 404 - Bad Request

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Hello.  We are using a C# application to retrieve report information from the Report API and it has been working fine for 3 months.  On June 13 it stopped working when making the request.  The error message is "Error 404 Bad Request".


I downloaded the sample application from the API website and ran the code using my authentication credentials and got the same error message.


I am able to authenticate and get a token.  The error occurs when calling

"HttpWebResponse Response = (HttpWebResponse)Request.GetResponse();"


Here is the supporting code


string RequestPacket =
"<reportDefinition>" +
"<selector>" +
"<fields>CampaignName</fields>" +
"<fields>Name</fields>" +
"<fields>Date</fields>" +
"<fields>Impressions</fields>" +
"<fields>Clicks</fields>" +
"<fields>Cost</fields>" +
"<dateRange>" +
"<min>20120613</min>" +
"<max>20120628</max>" +
"</dateRange>" +
"</selector>" +
"<reportName>Adgroup_Performance_Report</reportName>" +
"<reportType>ADGROUP_PERFORMANCE_REPORT</reportType>" +
"<dateRangeType>CUSTOM_DATE</dateRangeType>" +
"<downloadFormat>XML</downloadFormat>" +


WebRequest Request = HttpWebRequest.Create("");
Request.Headers.Add("clientCustomerId: " + ClientCustomerId);
Request.Headers.Add("developerToken: " + DeveloperToken);
Request.Headers.Add("Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=" + AuthToken);
Request.Headers.Add("returnMoneyInMicros: false");
Request.Method = "POST";
Request.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
using (StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(Request.GetRequestStream()))
writer.Write("__rdxml=" + HttpUtility.UrlEncode(RequestPacket));

HttpWebResponse Response = (HttpWebResponse)Request.GetResponse();


The last line is when the error occurs.


Thank you in advance,


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Re: Error 404 - Bad Request

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Some more information. The error message in teh response says.
"Unable to locate billing information for that Developer Token" But when I look at the status of the token it is set to "Approved".
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Re: Error 404 - Bad Request

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Hello reveal ; welcome;

The best would be to post your question at the AdWords API forum:!forum/adwords-api


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