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Enhanced Sitelinks Tips Please

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There has abeen a lot of buzz going around regarding the new Enhanced Sitelinks format which integrates description text below your Sitelinks to make them display like a mini-Adwords ad. Google has not provided any real information on how to go about setting these up, or SPECIFIC best practices for how to ensure your campaigns are eligible. The Inside AdWords blog post simply says to ensure your Sitelinks are "closely related" to other ads in your campaign....There are lots of ways my sitelinks could be closely related...say the Sitelink text is the same as the headline of another popular ad....


Anyway...I guess im just looking for some more specific guidance here, and also wondering why I have yet to see this format displayed on any SERP (Mind you I am looking at SERPs all day being an account manager & avid web user).


Thanks in advance!

Re: Enhanced Sitelinks Tips Please

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I hope this thread could be of some help to you, it certainly was helpful to me. Smiley Happy


If you want to see a "live" example, Google almost any fortune 500 brand, and you will probably see an example of the organic enhanced sitelinks... However, AdWords (PPC) enhanced sitelinks are still the "bleeding edge", and a live example may be hard to come by. (hint) Smiley Happy