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Why is it so hard to find how to enable my ad?  That should be a MAJOR link that is on ALL pages.  I'm guessing it's only on pages that meet certain criteria.


Same with the End date. It's so difficult to find. I'd hoped to get my ad going again but I'm not finding it and I'm out of time so I must put this off to a later date. Grrrrrrrrrr.


Can anyone tell me how to ENABLE my ad?


Thanks, in advance,



Re: Enable my Ad

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I am guessing you want to enable your paused ads that can be done by clicking pause and enable button on the left hand side of the ad. If you want to do this for multiple ads at once then you can click on check boxes on the far left hand side of ads and enable by clicking edit button on the top edit >> enable.



About your question about end date you can find end date under campaigns >> campaign name >> settings. On this page look for "Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling"

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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