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Eliminate Duplicate Text Ads HACK ?

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Adwords some time back reduced the AW Editor's capability to ID and eliminate duplicates.   There appears to be some function left for doing so for keywords, but not for ads.


Question - Is there a hack that would allow us to export a "view" of Ads that contains a lot of dupes.  Then use the Excel fcn to find the dupes intra-Ad Group and get rid of them, and then re-upload to adwords editor and have the dupes go away.  I tried this today but I had no luck. However, I don't do much in excel making changes to adwords data and then uploading, so I don't have a lot of insight into a hack here.  I am thinking perhaps there is a way to ID the dupes in excel (highlight them in some way, and perhaps change their "status" to "Removed" or "paused" and then upload them.  Or some other manipulation.  Something that would trick the adwords editor (or perhaps adwords in the cloud) into over-writing their "status".


So, just to mitigate te inevitable responses - this is for an account the size of which, makes it impractical to do this manually.  

Regards, Doug
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Eliminate Duplicate Text Ads HACK ?

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Hi Doug

If you sort the ads by the duplicate field and export them to CSV, they're exported in that order. 

Of course, that means that you have to do it by each duplicate field of the ad (6-10 times). 


However, duplicate ads are never an issue for us and we NEVER remove them unless they're in the same ad group. In that case, we'd probably need to do something programmatically.


Did you find a solution or are you still looking?

Can you share your use case so I can explore this a bit more?