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Dynamically insert Keyword into Destination URL

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Hi everyone


I've been searching through the community for a solution to my particular situation but nothing has quick matched my requirements yet. Hoping someone with a greater technical knowledge of AdWords can help me out.


I'm building a Search campaign for a client with c. 6,000 products. Each product has a unique code, and each of these codes will be added as a keyword. The same advert will be used for every single product, with dynamic keyword insertion for the Ad Copy and Display URL. All of this is straight forward and in hand.


I then also require require the keyword (product code) to be dynamically inserted into the destination URL - not for tracking purposes, but to make sure the correct landing page is displayed for that particular product. The format of the website product page URLs is with '123' being the product code (also the keyword).


So I need to dynamically insert the keyword (product code) into the URL between the main address ( and the extension (.html) with the goal being that, for example, a person searches for product code '321', this matches a keyword in the campaign '321' which displays an advert with the destination URL


Any ideas on how to achieve this easily en mass for the whole 6,000 keywords would be much appreciated as I am at a dead end.


Many thanks



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Dynamically insert Keyword into Destination URL

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Hi James,


I have worked on clients with large product catalogs and in a situation like this we would use keyword level URLs. As you likely know, you can setup the Final URL at both the ad or keyword level. When a keyword URL is present it will trump the ad URL. Instead of trying to dynamically insert the keyword (product code) into an ad URL, you can use a program like Excel to hard code the keyword into the keyword URL.


Hopefully that makes sense.

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Rising Star, LinkedIn
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Dynamically insert Keyword into Destination URL

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Hi Jim


Thanks for the solution. That's a quicker, simpler and more elegant approach than anything like what I was coming up with! Clearly I was over complicating things.


All the best.