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Dynamically add city name to ad text and URL based on user's search

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I have looked into DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion), but have not found a solution and thought that some excellent marketer might be able to help.  Here is the idea:


We have landing pages for hundreds of cities.  The local content on each of these cities changes page to page, however the keywords that we are going after are the same.  So, I am trying to create a dynamic ad group that looks something like this:


Headline: {City Name} {Keyword}

Description: We cover {City Name} {Keyword}, get more info now!

URL:{City Name}


Please let me know if you can assist with this,


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Re: Dynamically add city name to ad text and URL based on user's searc

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Hi there;

This is an interesting approach, if users were to search by intent only. (i.e including the city name in in search query);

But, nowadays; with the progress made  in Geo targeting (e.g. GPS on mobile; better  Geo accuracy of the equipment used by ISPs...) - local search by intent is phasing out. (well...declining...unless the user is physically in one place and searching about another). Users run search in the location they are physically present, and let the system show   relevant ads based on their physical location,  as recognized by the system. (And it, generally,  does pretty  good job).

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Dynamically add city name to ad text and URL based on user's searc

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What you want to do isn't possible with the current setup through Adwords. What you want is to use the user's search query and location to pull in the correct city into the ad. You're limited by the system here.

I'd also agree with MosheTLV on this. Local searchers are learning that if they just type in 'pizza restaurant' Google will automatically serve them up local content so trying to leverage their search queries for location will prove less and less effective anyways.

Unless your locations really perform uniformly across the board your account structure should probably already be broken up by location. You could then just use excel to bulk create ads like you mentioned and load them in to the ad groups.

If I'm off the mark here maybe you could explain.


Mark Jensen