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Dynamic Search Ads

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How Do I Know - how will my dynamic search ad look and where will it appear?


I have set up a dynamic search ad and specified URL contains and Page contains parameters for the specific product page. I have also specified the keywords for the ad. But, I want to know how and where my ad appears. Does it appear on Google Search Partner Websites? How does it look?


When I make dynamic product ads I know how they look when placed on web pages. But, I cannot see how the dynamic search ads look, so I don't feel very confident in making them.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Dynamic Search Ads

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Hi Heeral,

This will look normal Text Ads.

Please go through the below thread written by Rakesh Kumar Seth regarding Dyanmic Search Ads.

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Re: Dynamic Search Ads

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@Snak T,


Yes, The ads will appear in the both search and its partner sites. DSA shows a normal text ads.

DSA allows you to target user by using Google’s organic web crawling technology to index your website in Search engine results page of Google & its Partner sites. It automatically targets relevant search queries based on your website content. When Google finds searches that are a match for your dynamic ad targets, Google automatically creates an ad with a relevant headline, and a landing page chosen based on the content of the page on your site. You can still control the description lines and Display URL of your ads.



--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Dynamic Search Ads

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Our team has been testing DSA for Bilingual Hispanic audiences in the US (Spanish & English). Currently, we are only running campaigns against Spanish Browser settings. 


Considering more than half of Hispanics in the US are bilingual and have their browser settings set to English, is there a way we can expand DSA initiatives to English Browsers without competing against their English core DSA campaigns? Are there different options to opt for English Browser settings in the following scenarios:


1) The client has a landing page in Spanish or

2) The client only has an English landing page. 


Thank you so much in advance!