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Dynamic Search Ads

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Hi Everyone ,

Recently , i have set up Dynamic search ads for a very big site (with huge no of landing pages) which is primarily designed to show locations ,reviews about restaurants,malls ,movies and so on.However , even after 48 hours of setting up this campaign of Dynamic search ads ,i do not see any traffic.

Am i missing something here?

I have auto targeted all the webpages.

Thank you



Re: Dynamic Search Ads

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Hello GOMC I ! Welcome to the Community !


Since you seem to have some advanced IT knowledge, I'll just redirect you to the help page that has some information on the subject and maybe you can figure it out from there


Checking your Dynamic Search Ad campaigns


Also you can get some useful information from this Community Article by pankaj1782


Other than this , I have no experience using this feature, but I am sure that if you Reply, a Top Contributor will pick up the discussion and take it further.