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Dynamic Search Ads

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Good morning,
my name is Arnar, and I'm a programmer for a internet marketing company in Iceland which does marketing on the internet (duh) Robot Happy

We are starting a campaign here for a retail company that sells wares and goods from Nike,
and we are very interested in the idea of those small ads that show up at spesific search queries:

my problem is that Im swarmed with information (which has its dis/advantages) and I know that under Product Listing Ads that Iceland is not under the listed countries that this service is provided too,

So, we are brainstorming about; is there any way to initiate and or work around those kind of search ads here in Iceland, without the Product listing service? Because we are very hot about those ads ideas! and far as we know no company here in Iceland has used this kind of service before (maybe because we aren't listen in the country list?)

Are any steps that we can look into? We have Adword account, and there is some skill set here in the office about Dynamic Search Ads, but we are little bit in the shadows what steps we could take to iniate this service for the company that we are trying to service with those ads.

Any comments?
~ Arnar Valur from Nordic eMarketing - Iceland.

Re: Dynamic Search Ads

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Community Manager

Hi all,


Let's help Arnar_Valur with some Dynamic search ads best practices.