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Dynamic Remarketing

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Hi I have to run a dynamic remarketing campaign with the following use case. User visits a product page, say, 'Red' 'T-shirt'. Now I want to show only 'Red' colored products in my dynamic remarketing ads and ignore the other products. Is it possibile to run such a campaign through AdWords?


Given: We are passing product_color in customer parameters.

Re: Dynamic Remarketing

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Hi Ankur,

I would highly advise against this. I spent 8 months tweaking dynamic remarketing to try and get better performance out of it and got nowhere. Only when I let go of my need to have fine control and let the campaign works its own magic did I start to see the results I wanted.

I have given the campaign almost complete control and have never seen better results.

If you decide to go ahead anyway then the only way I can think of doing this would be through the creation of a product filters.

You would then need to create campaigns/ad groups for each filter set (colour that you want to target).

The reason you would have to do it this way is that you have no control over what gets shown and so the only way would be to restrict your feed to only those items.

You will have to be careful here with frequency capping though as 1 individual who viewed 4 different products & different colours will be in all 4 groups.

Hope this helps