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Dynamic Remarketing travel website

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My Scenario to Remarket:

A Visitor who came on my searchresult page by searching a round flight from LOndon to Delhi, departing on 10 oct and returning on 25th oct
with price 900 Pounds ..



I can remarket user and show ads according to their search result Like: their dates and fares they got on search result 



The price valid only for the day... How can i change price in remarketing campaign..

More over if user searched for flight date for 10th  oct  ,

how will i make sure after 10th oct ads must not be served to that user

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Re: Dynamic Remarketing travel website

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Hi Shiv,

Since price is only valid for a single day so the best way to do it is to not to mention price in your ads. And make a landing page where price dynamically changes. This way you will not to have change the prices.
And for your second problem, you will have to manually pause your retargeting ads to make sure the ads are not served after the specified day.

Syed Sayem

Re: Dynamic Remarketing travel website

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Hi Sayem,
Not showing price is not a solution because in airlines industry price for a flight is the most important factor in decision process.
As there are 10000 search daily on search result page and its not possible to track dates for each search or Visitor, So its not possible to pause campaign.




Re: Dynamic Remarketing travel website

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Hi Shiv,


What I understand from your query is that you want to actually change the price in your ad copy dynamically.


You might consider using AdWords API or using the Bulk ad option to download the csv file and then change the price and re-load it inside AdWords account. 


I am not sure about any 3rd party tools, but certainly using CSV file ( or AdWords API ( might be the options you can consider.


I hope this helps somewhere!


Re: Dynamic Remarketing travel website

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Hi Pankaj,
I as using dynamic arrtibutes from google analytic to build remarketing list in adword.
it it possible to download data for all user's who are in list?
if it possible, that can solve my problem of showing dynamic price and stopping adwords to serve ad to a user whose date of departure has passed.

But Still Want to confirm, Can we download data from list?