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Dynamic Remarketing not work

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Hi guys,


I'm going to build a dynamic remarketing campaign for an eCommerce site, but the established campaign has no impressions in 3 days. Can any body help me find the issue?

Here is the process:


1. Make sure the Google Analytics code working properly (it is always there);

2. Confirm the AdWords, Google Analytics, Merchant Center accounts linked (I was doing PLA campaigns for a long period);

3. The display advertising features of GA is enabled;

4. In Google Analytics, Create dynamic attribute, configure Business Type "Retail", choose view and my AdWords account for Destination account, then I use dimension "Product SKU" for the Required "Product ID" Attribute.

5. Checked the Audience lists, the sizes are all enough to advertise. (over hundreds of thousands)

6. AdWords dynamic campaign, set "Display only - all features", targeting all countries and all languages, accelerate, budget 500 USD per day.

7. AdWords ad group targeting, "Target and bid" to the audience list, and I get an estimated several millions weekly impressions in the AdWords interface.

8. AdWords campaign and ad groups do not have any exclusions.

9. The dynamic ads are generated by AdWords, and I there are a total 3 kinds of format: Product picture with text, Flash and HTML5.

10. All of the ads policy status are approved.


After keeping finding the "no impression" issue in these 3 days, I check with the AdWords shared library, there is a notification:


We found the tag with custom parameters on very few pages.
Check that the remarketing tag with custom parameters has been implemented across the entire site. Custom parameters are necessary to enable dynamic remarketing. Learn about the dynamic remarketing tag.


View tag implementation instructions
Only 0 of 155 page visits that have passed an ID (or 0%) match approved IDs in your Merchant Center feed


Top 10 firing ecomm_prodid

{List of my product ids, views and in feed status (all in feed status are "yes")}


I'm not sure whether this is the reason why I cannot record impression, can any one help?






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September 2015

Re: Dynamic Remarketing not work

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Hi @Philip D,


Welcome to the community!


From my understanding, you're creating a remarketing campaign. So I thought your step 6 might be wrong.


Instead of setting "Display only - all features", you probably want to choose "Remarketing":




After that, choose the remarketing audience you created in GA in the following tab:


Capture 2.PNG


Then followed with your step 7 and going forth, your ads should be eligible to display to the right people immediately.


Let me know if I made the right judgement.




Re: Dynamic Remarketing not work

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Hi Jason,

Thank you so much! It works! I think that is a small mistake I've made. Now the impressions, clicks recorded.