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Dynamic Remarketing Tiered Bidding Strategy

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Hey everyone!


Just wondering your thoughts on using this bidding in my dynamic remarketing campaign, product viewers ad group. Keep in mind the bids may be a little aggressive, but actual CPC should be lower.


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.25.50 AM.png


My question does AdWords bid/treat people who have viewed multiple products? Eg.


Ad A - shows 1 product, bids based on my tier

Ad B - shows 3 products, how does it calculate bid assuming the products are all from different tiers?


Any input on this strategy and my question would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


Re: Dynamic Remarketing Tiered Bidding Strategy

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Hi @Robert O


It's a good question. From my understanding, the case you supposed won't happen in the product viewer. Because you already set the tiers separately with different ad groups, and that's exactly how the ad will be displayed. It won't go cross-over.