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Dynamic Remarketing Tag

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Need Help! I am having issues with ecomm_prodid in my dynamic remarketing tag.  Here is what my error says:

The tag is active but we found some issues with your custom parameters.
Only 5 of 10 page visits that have passed an ID (or 50%) match IDs in your Merchant Center feed
Values for "ecomm_prodid" should match item identifiers in your Merchant Center feed.
The custom parameter "ecomm_prodid" is active, but many of the page visits that have passed an ID don't match the products in the connected Google Merchant Center account. This means a significant number of page visits can't be used for remarketing in your dynamic ad campaign. This could affect your campaign performance.
There are two possible reasons for this problem:
  • There are products missing in your Google Merchant Center feed.
  • "ecomm_prodid" values in the tag are incorrect.
Top 10 products that don't match your Merchant Center feed


Trying to figure out out what I need to do next.  We have some of our of products on Google Merchant, but not all of them...Only the ones we are doing Google Shopping Ads.

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Re: Dynamic Remarketing Tag

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Hi Lange,

The tag is picking up a product ID that doesn't match a product ID in your feed. You just need to make sure that they match - e.g. you might have a few unique identifiers for your product, but really the ID on your product pages should be matched with what you put in your tag and what unique value you have in the feed.

When you submit your feed, try changing the ID to the value that matches the website.


Re: Dynamic Remarketing Tag

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if at all possible, changing the data on the landing-page would usually
be best -- assuming the tag-parameters or values need to be changed.

changing an id within any submitted data (feed)
will typically trigger a policy re-review and
historical quality-related data to be reset --
which will usually (negatively) affect an ad's
performance, sometimes to great degree.


generally, never ever change an id value for a physical inventory

item, within the feed, once submitted, unless a person at google

indicates to do so.

also, if there is a temporary mismatch between submitted data and landing-page
tag-parameters; sometimes simply waiting 72-hours or so, after the data has
been re-submitted will resolve the issue -- assuming the tag-parameters and
their values were properly set on the landing-page.