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Dynamic Remarketing Product Availability

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I'm wondering if it's possible to organize/set the dynamic remarketing ads so they only shows when selected products are in stock and disappear when it's out of stock? (Because we don't want to send customers to a landing page where the products are sold out). 


And also if so, can I show the ads only in a selected city/county and not the whole country?


Thank you.


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Re: Dynamic Remarketing Product Availability

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Hi Emma,

The answer to both your questions is yes - 


To only show your products that are in stock for Dynamic Remarketing, I would first suggest that you set up a filter on the feed you send to Google Merchant Center that would filter out products that have inventory below a certain level/no inventory.  To do that you'd need to check w/ the tool that you're using to send your feed to Google Merchant Center.  A best practice is update your feed at least daily, or as often as your data and products refresh.


Secondly, you can do Location Targeting inside of AdWords and only serve your Ads to searchers in specific geographic areas.  To do this, follow the instructions here.  Geographic targeting settings are set at the Campaign level, and you can get as granular as city/region.