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Dynamic Remarketing Custom Feed Products Avalilability

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I'm new to Dynamic Remarketing and I'm trying to set up in the best possible way our campaign and general remarketing approach.


I'm working for a website that allows people to book online tennis courts, football pitches etc... besides the normal booking, we offer a limited number of discounted promotions available online (what I'm trying to advertise).


My problem is how to insert the availability of such promotions within the Custom Feed that I've already built.


Basically, we have an SQL query that every 6 hours creates the product feed by checking whether or not there are still some promotions left to sell.

The promotions are recharged every 30 days, so they run out (then we need to stop advertising) and then come back again (start again advertising).


Without having an "availability" column we can only use the the "action" one, but then we incur in the following problems:

- products that have 0 availability keep on being removed, thus resulting in an error (we can't say: if it's already removed and still at 0 then don't consider it)

- products that have >0 abailability keep on being added instead of set, thus resulting in an error (we can't say: if it's already added and still > 0 then don't consider it)


Is it possible to create such "availability" column?

If yes, how should we deal with it and how will the ads consider it?


I've tried also Google Merchant Center because I'd love to use some of its tools and mostly adv possibilities, but unfortunately there's no product category for what we are selling... bad luck here.


Thanks, Marco


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Re: Dynamic Remarketing Custom Feed Products Avalilability

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for an item-offer that is no longer available, simply remove the item from the
dynamic-display-ad-feed and re-uploaded the feed to the business-data-section,
under the shared-library, of the ad-account.

the api may also be used to quickly add, update, or
remove items from the dynamic-display-ad-feed --

that might be integrated with such sql-queries, for example.

note that most item-offers require a review by google, that may take
up to three-business-days -- that time lag should likely be taken into
account when deciding to use an offer for dynamic-remarketing/feeds.

yes, the merchant-center can only be used to upload a data-feed for the retail
business-type -- mainly as a convenience feature for retail-merchants who are
currently uploading a products-data-feed to submit current, on-hand, physical
inventory details for shopping-ads and also wish to use dynamic-remarketing.

there is no such attribute as availability for the custom business-type --
the availability attribute only applies to the retail-business-type and
cannot otherwise be used within a dynamic-display-ad-feed.


Dynamic Remarketing Custom Feed Products Avalilability

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Thanks for the quick reply, I had a feeling that it was going to be this way. 


Hopefully Google will empower the Custom Feed with more features in the future.

Dynamic Remarketing Custom Feed Products Avalilability

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first, you're welcome.

new feature suggestions may be submitted directly to google:

as an aside, availability within a retail products-feed is mainly used for
temporary physical-stock or website outages -- item-offers that are no
longer sold still must be removed from the feed to avoid a policy flag.