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Duplicate Keywords Across Various AdGroups BUT NOT Direct Duplicates!

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This is a case of poor ad management I understand. Here is the situation!


While doing ad diagnosis I found out many keywords duplicates. The diagnosis said this keyword is not showing because a similar keyword is triggering a different ad. The duplicates are not direct duplicates, meaning not exact duplicates.


I later found out there are many such cases of duplicates. For example a keyword 'hello how are you' cannot show because there is another 'hello how are you doing' and 'hello how are you john' are in different AdGroups (please ignore the quotes). This is the case in all broad and phrase match.


The editor, as per my experiments and efforts can give me only exact duplicates or if the sequence is different.


Question is:

How to I get to find out those keywords and do the weeding to optimize my ad for better performance?

Thanks in advance,




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Re: Duplicate Keywords Across Various AdGroups BUT NOT Direct Duplicat

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Using Broad match keywords is almost always going to produce this kind of situation.


I'd suggest downloading and using AdWords Editor, Google's offline campaign management tool. Although it doesn't have all of the functionality of the online User Interface, it makes tasks like this one much simpler. (For instance, you can search for 'hello, how are you' in the Keyword tab and it will show you all keywords that include that string of words.) It makes sorting through keywords across Ad Groups or even across Campaigns much simpler.



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Re: Duplicate Keywords Across Various AdGroups BUT NOT Direct Duplicat

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Think also about the way in which your account is structured.


if there is a reason why "Hello, how are you" and "hello, how are you doing" are in different ad groups than you need to leverage that reason.... perhaps you are looking to be more polite in the first and more "friendly" in tone in the second - then they should trigger different ads and ideally go to different landing pages.


If, however, there is no significant difference between them, then it makes most sense to put them into the same ad group so that you can control which ad(s) they both trigger.


If you you have an ad that speaks to John and then a landing page that speaks to John, then you could make your Hello how are you +John a broad match modifier keyword which would mean the search query would have to include the name John.... and both how are you John and how are you doing John would trigger the ad, whilst how are you doing or hello how are you Jane, would not.


If you are using broad match then, as Theresa explains you are going to have these duplicates.

Re: Duplicate Keywords Across Various AdGroups BUT NOT Direct Duplicat

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Hi Chris 13,


In addition to great advices above, If you have specific ads to show for each adgroup such as for  "John" & "doing" adgroups, you can add adgroup level negatives to prevent from those warnings and to show up for these keywords.




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